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Diagnostic sleep testing

There are times when an overnight, in-facility sleep study is needed to examine the quality of your sleep. Comfort is key to a productive test, so the private bedroom suites at any STARS location includes a premium bed, high quality bedding and cable TV. During the night, measurements are recorded and data is collected to identify sleep stages, as well as brain and body system functioning.

Therapeutic sleep testing

We will perform a therapeutic sleep study if you've been diagnosed with a sleep-related breathing disorder and your doctor has prescribed CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) therapy. This therapy is used to prevent your airway from closing while you sleep. The test itself will help determine the correct level of CPAP therapy required for your specific situation using different airway pressures.

Home sleep testing

Our Home Sleep Testing Program is an innovative approach in identifying patients who have a high probability for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Patients now can have a sleep study within the comfort of their own home which is typically covered by most insurance. In fact, many experts agree that homes sleep testing provides a more natural and realistic picture of a patient’s normal sleep since the study is conducted within a patient’s normal home environment.

Day testing for shift workers

The National Sleep Foundation reports that while overnight shift workers have become an important part of our 24-hour globalization of society, they also expose themselves to sleep-related risks such as frequent sleep disturbance and excessive sleepiness. Sleepiness and fatigue in the workplace can lead to a lack of concentration, chronic absenteeism, more accidents, human errors, injuries, and even fatalities. Our professional staff of sleep experts are available to perform sleep studies during the day for shift workers in order to maximize their ability to sleep soundly and perform better on the job.

Sleep consultations

Do you have sleep-related questions that you just haven't satisfactory gotten answers for anywhere else? Schedule a personal sleep consultation with one of our certified sleep specialists at one of our many convenient locations. We will listen to you, answer your questions, and make recommendations for the next steps you can take.

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